so i’ve been searching and searching for the perfect fatkini and figured i’d make a list of all the stores I find that carry them (fatkinis/plus sized bathing suits) since I noticed a ton of gals struggle to find them like I have :)
  • target
  • old navy
  • torrid
  • evans
  • modcloth
  • simplybe
  • the deb
  • sears
  • walmart

please let me know of any others, i’m still searching for one! I really want high waisted bottoms. know of other stores?

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  3. startarevolutionandloveyourbody answered: Target is not a good fatkini store unless your boobs are small. Their tops go up to a XL which doesn’t fit a D bra size :(
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  6. lindzlucy answered: i’m sure you could check walmart if all else fails. walmart has everything :P
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